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Made in Quebec products:

Réno-Toit uses BP brand roof shingles. Manufacturer in Ville Lasalle,Québec. They are renowned for their durability, elegance and leak-tightness. Moreover, they are renowned for the fairest and most complete warranty in the industry (lifetime warranty). We feature a vast choice of colors and materials. Réno-Toit has become an expert in the installation of double-layer laminate fiberglass shingles. These surfacing materials add character to your home while being affordable and durable. Réno-Toit also features double-layer organic shingles.

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Specialized in residentiel roof replacement

Why choose Reno-Toit?

In business since 2003, Reno-Toit is a major in the domain of residential roof replacment who specialized in shingles. The experience acquired in the past years made the company an expert in roof renovation whit slope and in ventilation.

By trusting Reno-Toit, you will avoid any risks of water infiltration that could cause damage to your house, saving you costly repairs and supplementary fees.

Réno-Toit have also an insurance of a million dollar responsabilty (1 000 000$) and a certification in Maximum ventilation.

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