Our teams respect your property and that of your neighbors. Over the years, our thoroughness and know-how have resulted in a high rate of customer satisfaction. Once the work on your roof is completed, we will ensure that all the debris is cleaned up and that your property is as it was when we arrived.

Here are the services provided by Réno-Toit:


Redo your roof is our specialty. People are always surprised by the short existence of their original roof. At Reno-toit, we take the necessary measures to achieve long-term coverage with the best products on the market.


Your roof leaks? Shingles are gone by the wind? A section of your roof is damaged?

Why redo your whole roof!? Repairing your roof may be advantageous in some cases.


The ideal insulation to your attic is at least 10 inches of blown cellulose or wool.

Insulate your attic along with repairing your roof is advantageous since all the work is through the roof.

Adding ventilation

Add up can extend the life of your shingles.

Ventilation depends largely on the size of your roof but sometimes it can be much more complex.


Redo your gutters after the repair of your coverage is ideal for several reasons;

1 - Avoids cutting the drip

2 - Ensures that the system roof-gutter is waterproof